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Public Training

Public Training still remains the backbone of our services, we need to interact and get the pleasure of public training, next public training soon to come after our world is healed. you may also visit Expitris Worldwide Sdn Bhd other page, Click Here

Online Training

The world equation is changing, we are all online, we have to adapt with changes to progress forward, next online training please click here 

inhouse Training

We offer a wide range of inhouse training, this is to help companies to get the most out of it please refer to list of all our inhouse training. Click Here

About Us

Expitris Worldwide Sdn Bhd

organizes highly effective and up to date professional courses through practical training and workshops, online training session and modules, interactive sessions, game activities as well as excellent visual effect presentations in order to generate maximum learning opportunities. We work with exceptional working experienced trainers from around the world. Expitris is a member at PSMB, all programs offered are claimable under SBL Scheme. 

Our Customers
A commitment to be continuously and actively engaged with our customers, to understand their changing needs and to provide them with excellent value-for-money programs and services.
…and us as expitris team
Our team is inspired and fully dedicated to love what they do.Nobody can achieve a high level of success, unless the love for what you are doing is embedded with dedication and believe that you can achieve what you want.

Contact us

Should you request for any public, online or an inhouse/onsite training please state your Name, your Email, your Contact and Company Name: Training requested, tentative dates and email to the email below: Thank You


Please email Here: info@expitris.com cc: mng@ewwsb.com and sales@expitris.info: